Hassan Faouaz

Hassan Faouaz

Lead Senior Software Engineer

A senior application developer with more than 20 years in software design and development across different industries. Very hands on and eager to always learn. Continuously researching and investigating different technologies and approaches to propose alternative solutions to a business problems. Has no 9 to 5 mentality. Gear toward solving problems in the most efficient way and engage the whole team during the process. Not only is capable of learning new environment and excelling at it, but also a very good team player and easy to work with.

Experience in object oriented software design and Agile enterprise development. 10+ years in Enterprise java design and development. More than 10 years of web application development using Struts, SpringFramework and EJBs on different application servers. Has Experience in interacting with Business Analyst to drive business requirement into IT solutions using Agile Methodology (User stories elaboration and SCRUM) . Also, have worked closely with product development managers and suggested different architecture solutions ranging from development tools, front end framework, back end framework and database ORM framework. Last but not least, an extensive experience in analyzing and developing service oriented applications across the enterprise level and provide service oriented solutions using various paradigm such as web Services, Secure Web Services, RESTful, and Messaging Solutions.


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  • RCG Global Services - Sr Solutions Architect

    • Involed in Pre-sales engineering meetings to proposed solutions to perspective clients • Lead Architect on different clients, implememnting Big Data and Cloud Enablement solutions. Duties, include understanding reqirements - Designing solutions - Empowering team members • Understanding Product Owners and creating user stories to gradually implement features on different Epics

  • Nokia - Senior Software Engineer

    • Part of an Agile team responsible in refactoring and developing data collection components and module to handle large amount of data feed in a cloud base computing environments. Components have different endpoints and communicate with each other via RabbitMQ. Components were written and integrated using Apache Camel and Java. Endpoints included such as HTTP, Rest, SOAP, Socket, FTP, and SFTP. • Software modules were packaged as a unix RPM and deployed using Puppet to multiple Virtual Machines on a Nokia Cloud system. Puppet scripts were customized to handle each component installation differently per environment. • Implemented new filter component using Scala and Akka. Component goal was to filter data coming in without affecting performance and throughput. • Data collected were archived and uploaded to AWS S3 to analyze using Spark and Hadoop Jobs. Jobs were to run on an hourly basis to produce report close to real time. • On a monthly rotation basis was involve in deploying releases to production. Duties included handling puppet configuration, cut release tags, and assist DevOps in installing RPMs on Nokia cloud system. • Successfully converted a multiple C++ component to a Java base component

  • Northern Trust - Senior Consultant

    Lead and designed a new java web application that converted existing manual legacy system of Fund of Hedge Trading to a fully automated system. The system not only have efficiently improved the existing flow, but has also increased number of trades processed per month and reduced risk associated in manual processing. The system had a budget of a million dollar and more with resources on-shore and off-shore. Responsibilities included gathering business requirement from business, estimating, and proposing new solution. Helped in designing and implementing IT solution that met business needs. In addition, helped lead different projects with on-shore and off-shore. Involved in developing and integrating back-end systems with existing and legacy systems using different technologies such as MQ, Database, and XML. Since I was on a project that required client interaction, I assisted in designing front end screens to enhance user experience. Have involved in screening potential technologies and recommending technologies that best fit projects.

  • Aidatech - Senior Consultant

    Designed and developed an iOS mobile application for the Iphone and IPad. This application leverages the Tab View navigation and Controller model, Tweeter API, FaceBook API, and the Core Data framework. The application purpose is to help coaches track their athlete’s scores and broadcast the scores to other interested parties via different social Medias. In addition the application uses Core Plot API to chart historical data on the mobile. The application developed is Gymnast Salute v3.0 and now its published on the Apple store and downloadable for a fee.

  • Everbridge - Senior Consultant

    • Redesign and developed multiple emergency broadcast systems across different medias such as (SMS, Email, IM, Fax, and TTYTDD) that were underperformed and not stable. The new systems are now Multithreaded, scalable and have exceeded client expectation. • Designed and developed a citizen emergency registration system that is customizable per customer and allows citizens to opt in to and choose Geo based alerts. The system Geo code and reverse Geo code addresses and verify latitude and longitude points and cross it against valid zip codes. • Have worked closely with Business Analysts in designing the front end to allow the site to be dynamically changes based on user location. • Created and developed a visual and audio Captcha verification system for a public application, to prevent bots from registering. • Developed an extension to existing application to communicate CAP compliance messages with 3rd party vendors. • Designed and developed a connector that communicates with a cloud component that was needed to help the application to be more scalable and performed better.

  • Northern Trust - Senior Consultant

    • Designed and developed a non-US Hedge Fund Trade Order Entry, workflow, and approval system. These systems allow Northern Trust managers to place and route Hedge Fund of Funds and Global unitized funds orders from front office to the back office. Hedge Fund managers will be able to create instruction for an initial purchase, add to an existing position, redeem or switch an existing position. In addition managers will be able to route the order through a series of queues before it is posted on the Global accounting system. • Designed and integrated the Hedge Fund of Funds trades with Northern Trust Global account system using XML Messaging. The system will capture the order after it has been approved and initiate the trade and settlement with the Global account system. • Initiated the effort in converting existing system to use Hibernate and Spring. Analysis was done and using Hibernate and Spring is deducted to reduce development effort and centralized the usage of Pojos across different tiers. • Converted current Report system to use Jasper. This effort was to allow flexibility in creating different outputs with minimal development effort. • Supported and improved on NT Trade Order Entry, Trade Order Workflow and Trade Order Approval system. Three different applications that are integrated through Queues and database which help in cash movement after the trade has been executed. • Integrated NT separated managed account system with NT accounting system using web services.

  • Transunion - Senior Consultant

    • Installed, configured, and admin Interwoven TeamSite, OpenDeploy, DataDeploy, and Livesite on Windows 2003 server and Linux server. • Integrated Interwoven Live Site with Websphere, separating content delivery from content management. Effort included configuring a Hibernate based application to run on Websphere 6.0. Responsibilities included creating a J2EE system that is used to serve content, developed using Interwoven CMS. • Integrated an UltraSeek solution with an existing J2EE application that allow users to search multiple sites. Responsibilities included installing and configuring multiple Ultraseek Server to establish a fail over solution. Also, responsibilities included developing a component that communicate with all the servers and create a user access level result set, using UltraSeek API. • Member of a team that have fully designed and developed a high profile project for TransUnion. This System allows consumers to dispute on-line their credit reports. This has been deployed successfully to production throughout the year. It is a J2EE application where the user interface is designed using Struts and the back end is integrated with a different legacy system using MQ-Series and web services. Multiple frameworks have being implemented to allow for system scalability, flexibility and it is easily configurable to accommodate load and performance. Throughout the project, UML diagrams have being created to capture requirements and design specifications. • Designed and developed a middle component layer that process XML messages received from the mainframe. This component is configurable to process a large amount of data with very low processing time per message. Messages were received via message queues and processed upon receipt. • Deployed multiple secure Web Services on WebSphere. Designed and developed web services handlers to validate, and log SOAP message before sending the response and before receiving the request. The security model is based on the OASIS WS-Security specs, which are derived from XML Encryption and XML Signature standards. • Architected and implemented a web service solution using IBM Service Integration bus on WebSphere 6.0. An outbound service was created within the SIB and WS-Security bindings and configuration where enabled on the request and the response of each web service call.

  • Dewpoint - Senior Consultant

    • Implemented a B2B solution for J&L Industrial. Responsibilities included creating data model to capture the business requirements, created a J2EE solution to allow users to navigate through J&L industrial catalog and to order on-line. A MVC solution was implemented to access backend enterprise objects to process orders and customer information.

  • IMC Global - Application Developer

    • Re-design and re-developed current Web Application to leverage existing application server features. Application code was not optimally written and lacked documentation and modeling. One of my many responsibilities was to create an object model of the new system, document all of the new code written, and enhance cod to be more scalable and maintainable. Also have used JProbe to pinpoint memory leak and bottle necks.

  • Anexsys(BankOne) - Application Architect

    • Assessed and reviewed current electronic federal tax payment system ( EFTPS). Responsibilities included interviewing infrastructure, security, application and technical architects and created an overview of the current system, highlighted code issues during the assessment and recommended future enhancements.

  • Option Clearing Corporation - Senior Developer

    • Designed and developed an enhancement to an existing Price system to handle N numbers of prices from different Exchanges. The code was modified from handling a fixed number of Exchanges to handling ‘N’ number of Exchanges. • Designed, Developed and tested a new component to an existing Price system that allows analyst to calculate risk arrays for the single stock futures and be able to publish them to its clearing members

  • Centrifusion - Senior Architect

    • Enterprise architect for Cabelas, a catalog outfitter retailer. Designed and implemented the enterprise architecture roadmap. The roadmap included hardware requirements to handle projected load, high availability of the site, and scalability; data architecture detailing the data flow between the enterprise database, enterprise content management, and store database; system architecture showing the responsibility of each system and how they fit into the equation; strategy for optimally using the search engine. Additional Responsibilities also included creating use cases, object models, database tables and triggers and integrating Interwoven content management system with the enterprise system. Last but not least, assess the possibility of migrating existing code to WebLogic application server that include converting existing code to JSP and initially deploy the code to a controlled application server. Technologies used: J2EE, JDBC, JFC, ATG Dynamo Commerce Suite,Oracle 8i, WebLogic 5.1, Perl, Struts, ClearCase, UNIX, Windows 2000, Interwoven, XML, Apache, Verity and UML. (11/2000 – 11/2001) • Co-Architect Target.com commerce site. Lead 10 developers over a period of 11 months, while converting Target old commerce system to ATG Dynamo Commerce Suite. One of the many challenges encountered is integrating the system with Target fulfillment center, using custom made messaging broker. Responsibilities also included training Target employee while designing and developing the system. Technologies used: J2EE, JDBC, ATG Dynamo Commerce Suite, Oracle 8i, UNIX, XML, Netscape Enterprises, UML. (04/2000-02/2001) • Assist in helping developers at Walgreens to learn Walgreens new ATG Dynamo web site and Java. Technologies used: J2EE, JDBC, ATG Dynamo Commerce Suite, UNIX. (01/2000 – 03/2000)

  • Motorola - Developer

    • Developed a web based application for Motorola University. Technologies used: JSP, Servlets, and HTML.

  • Option Clearing Corporation - Developer

    • Designed, developed, and tested a Trading report system. This report generator collects data from different exchanges and generates reports to managers and business analysts on day-to-day trading and option clearing volumes. • Recode different Client/Server applications to meet the exchange decimalization deadline.

  • CAP Gemini - Consultant

    • Was placed on different clients to assist in developing existing systems using CAP Gemini Methodology. Technology used on all clients where C, C++, and Unix.


  • Milwaukee School of Engineering

    B.S. Computer Engineering - Graduated with Honors

    M.S. Engineering Management*


  • Microsoft Certified Product Specialist 1997
  • ATG Certified Developer 2001
  • Awarded a U.S. Patent on a Utility design. US Patent No: 6,783,822 2004
  • Trilingual - Fluent in all (Arabic, English, French)
  • Published commercial applications on Apple Store: 2012 - Present
    Gymnast Salute
    Gymnast Salute T&T
  • Completed Functional Programming Principles in Scala course via Coursera 2014

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